Thomas Van Steenkiste


"This is  the 21st Century. Face it, if you’re not using data analytics, you’re  falling behind. Period. Ironically, once you learn it, much of the best software for your personal needs is FREE.”  

Tom Van Steenkiste  is an expert in legal data analytics or "Big Data". After graduating from college, Tom moved to Las Vegas, NV  where he worked in the Hospitality & Gaming Industry. Tom was then  put into the Lean Six Sigma program and subsequently restructured and  implemented a mass-scale data analytics program that saved the  organization millions beginning on an immediate basis. Within months the  use of Big Data increased client satisfaction and as a result, revenues  by 21% and profitability by 12.6%.

Tom  works exclusively with S&S clients customizing the “Small Data”  programs for individual attorneys. This is a comprehensive program which  identifies the following:

1. The attorney’s current client portfolio is thoroughly analyzed and a Comparative Profitability Index is established.
2.  Identifying exactly which previous and current marketing practices and  activities have produced the highest probability of garnering new  clients a growing their personal client base.
3. Using Small Data to  determine which clients and activities should be reduced, cycled,  leveraged or eliminated altogether so that the attorney can more  effectively grow their client base.

Unlike other consultants, Tom makes learning how to use data analytics to increase profits, easy. He also trains clients how to use the best and most commonly used, free software.