Legal Recruiting & Mergers

Our Methodology

Your Career. Your Firm.
Our Responsibility.

You’ve worked hard your whole life to get where you are now. Maybe you've worked hard to build a great firm. 

In any case, there is nothing more valuable, you will ever entrust to a professional.
Our responsibility is to be worthy of that trust. Above all else, we must protect  the attorneys with whom we work. 

Let’s be frank. Most recruiters are motivated by commission. Their goal is to place you anywhere that will pay them a fee. Thirty days later, they collect a check and you may or may not ever hear from them again.
We won't discuss anything with you unless it offers clearly definable advantages – in both the short and more importantly, long term.
To that end, our methodology is different and more comprehensive. The first thing we'll do is get your assessment of what you have and what would merit consideration. Factors such as footprint, brand value, autonomy, Alternative Fee Arrangements and control over rates, lifestyle and of course, income are analyzed and prioritized per your feedback.
Whether a firm is looking for you, is unimportant. All that matters is whether the next place you work becomes the best place you’ve worked. Once you have communicated what’s most important to you, we’ll begin due diligence on your behalf.
Next, we'll offer recommendations and let you know which firms you want to avoid and why. Finally, we'll make our recommendations for specific firms to consider and what strategic advantage would be offered from the firms recommended.
You'll get real-time information about the firm, its market position, expertise, support, platform, lifestyle, compensation etc. Once you have done your due diligence and determined an opportunity is worth further evaluation, we'll share your information with them and coordinate the process of discovery.
Additionally, we'll let you know about the firms you should avoid and why they would be counter to the objectives you've shared with us.  This can be even more important, as there is nothing more costly to an attorney's career, than a bad lateral move.

We have also advised numerous attorneys to stay put for specific reasons and time periods. This is often surprising to them but the reasons why, become evident quickly. The credibility established through such candor often results in our working with them successfully at a later time. 

Finally, there are attorneys who would happiest and most productive by starting their own firm. If that's the case with you, we'll tell you. If you want our help getting started or guidance from the people who have been most successful doing exactly that, we can help

What People Say About Us

 “Since I’ve begun working with Frederick, my income has literally doubled. 

The idea of leaving BigLaw and a guaranteed paycheck was daunting, to say the least! Frederick guided me through every step of the process, including understanding how to run my practice like a business etc. 

He has also been an invaluable counsel. When what seemed like the  most difficult business matters and decisions needed to be addressed, his advice made things clear, simple and manageable. 

There is no one I would recommend more highly!” 

Knicole Emanuel, Partner

Frederick Shelton guided us through every step of a law firm merger. He was clear, objective and made sure things went smoothly. What is more telling though, is that he has been in constant contact since. For over a year, he has offered some of the best business counsel an attorney could hope for and done everything imaginable to help increase the profitability of both our office and my personal client base. He knows more about attorney branding & marketing than anyone I’ve ever met – including the people in our marketing department! He’s the real thing.” 

Scott Rasmussen, Managing Partner

“Frederick Shelton has worked with our firm for years now. It was obvious from the beginning that he understood us better than other recruiters. 

Shelton Steele has placed more partners with us than any other search firm we’ve worked with. 

They have also offered counsel which has proved valuable in a variety of ways. 

I highly recommend him.” 

Michael Moradzadeh, CEO