Francois Modaresse


Francois Modaresse is a seasoned Product Marketing executive with over 20 years of  experience in B2B, digital and media marketing. He has a long  track-record of boosting multiple businesses tohigh- 9 figures annually.
He  brings to Shelton & Steele a deep expertise in conventional and  social media marketing applied to several verticals, particularly in the  services industry. He complements the practice’s differentiated  approach to supporting law firms with a knowledge of technologies that  can serve clients’ expansion. He currently advises several of the  largest global media companies on their business development strategies.
Prior  to this tenure, Francois co-founded a Big Data company gaining over  900,000 users in less than nine months through successful Social Media  and Digital Marketing campaigns. The company’s clients included major  global brands and private equity firms.
Before this, Francois was the  Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Dolby Laboratories (DLB),  where he spearheaded the brand repositioning, and entry in new market  segments facilitating a more than 2x revenue growth.

Francois  holds a Bachelor's of Science Electrical Engineering & Computer  Science from the Orsay University, as well as a Master's in Marketing  and Finance from the Philips University (in cooperation with the  Universities of Edinburgh and Stockholm). He lives in both Las Vegas and  Paris with his wife, Marion.